Friday, November 9, 2007

Help Promote Education Among Bidayuh

( Clip from The Borneo Post, Nov 2007 )

Kuching: Sarawak Bidayuh Graduates Association (BGA) yesterday appealed to members of the Bidayuh community to assist it in efforts to further uplift the standard of and promote lifelong education among Bidayuh throughout the State.

Its newly-elected president William Patrick Nyigor said BGA new office bearers would continue on and further enhance efforts by the previous committee pertaining to promotion of education among the Bidayuh in particular the young.

“We will focus not just on tertiary education. As far as possible, we’ll give equal if not greater emphasis to acquire knowledge and skilled-based education that are being much sought-after by the employment market,” he told The Borneo Post in an interview.

Nyigor, who is the director of the State Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Unit in the Chief Minister’s Department, was elected BGA president to replace Dahim Nadot, principal assistant director of the State Implementation and Monitoring Unit (SIMU) in the Chief Minister’s Department at the BGA’s treinnal general meeting (TGM) at a hotel here last Sunday.

He said BGA welcomed any form of co-operation from any interested Bidayuh who wished to contribute their time, resources and expertise to ensure the success of BGA’s promotion of education among members of the community.

“We want fellow Bidayuh to be educated not only academically but also to be well equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills as required of them by the employment market.”

He said BGA was targeting to increase its membership from the present 200 to 3,000 in two years time.

To help BGA achieve the target, he called on all Bidayuh graduates, either diploma or degree holders, and have yet to register as members of BGA to do so as a show of support to the association and its objectives.

He noted that the new office bearers of BGA welcomed any feedback and suggestions including constructive criticisms from all quarters, either members or non-members, targeting at further improving BGA’s performance.

Nyigor thanked delegates to the TGM for their trust and confidence in him to helm BGA for the period 2007 to 2009.

“I’ll do my best so as not to betray your trust and confidence in me and the new office bearers. Where ever possible and achievable, we’ll strive to fulfill all expectations.”

Nyigor, who had also served as the honorary secretary in the last exco, thanked the previous committee members led by Dahim for their efforts and commitment in carrying out BGA duties and responsibilities during their tenure of office from 2004.

During the last Sunday TGM, almost all other positions were assumed by new faces.

Only three members from the previous exco, namely Nyigor, Nicholas Amin and Dany Neb were maintained despite changes in positions held.

Amin, a principal assistant director in the State Human Resource and Planning Unit (HRPU) in the Chief Minister’s Department, who was formerly an ordinary committee member, was elected to be the new vice president while the honorary secretary’s post was taken over by Ahi Sarok, a lecturer with Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas).

Another lecturer with Unimas, Dr Andrew Ragai was elected to assist Ahi while Rayan Narong, a manager with Zecon Berhad (Audit/GMR), was elected as honorary treasurer.

Reggy Petrus Naes, a unit trust consultant was elected as assistant treasurer.

Five others elected as committee members were a veterinary officer Dr Adrian Susin, Mabel Felix Sipel (human resource officer), Dany Neb (principal assistant director of the State Human Resource Management and Planning Unit in the Chief Minister’s Department), Roselyn Phiong (teacher) and, Mexlien Gombek (environmental consultant).

Environment and Public Health Minister, who is also advisor to BGA, Datuk Michael Manyin Jawong officiated at the opening of the TGM.

Logo Rationale

By Ricky Guing Senen, 5th October 2006

Shape of the Logo

A rounded shape of the logo portrays unity and dynamism among the major groups of the Bidayuh graduates.

Five graduation hats facing the epicentre represent graduates from five main Bidayuh groups converging towards a focal point – a single association – Sarawak Bidayuh Graduates Association.

The elaborate use of graduation hats represents the achievement of having attained higher education, intellect and experience to serve the community and the State. Each hat represents a nib of a pen facing one another in unifying formation to signify co-operation, solidarity - an important indication that a paradigm shift (a changing mind-set) is taking place which will usher in the age of consciousness within the Bidayuh community.

The war cry “Progress through Education” is used to instill the importance of education and to rally the Bidayuh Graduates to endeavour and succeed in achieving set goals and objectives.

Use of Letters

The letter “B” stands for Bidayuh. The letter “G” stands for Graduates and the letter “A” stands for Association.

Use of Colours

The green background represents the growth and progress of the Bidayuh community within the development framework.

The white circle in the middle of the logo represents promise of the future for the Bidayuh as being bright if they put their minds together and work smartly towards common goals and objectives.

The use of red and yellow in the graduation hats are the colours of our bravery, commitment, maturity and experience of the Association’s leadership and members while the yellow background illuminate the Bidayuhs’ loyalty and determination to co-exist in harmony within multi-racial communities of Sarawak.